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Meeting the demand for components for pressure boiler repairs, we introduced the performance of components of screens of air-tight walls of boiler furnace chamber, so-called finned tubes, thus, supplying the pressure component offer of our company.

We perform screen shields with the device for SAW submerged arc welding, providing the possibility to produce the one- and multi-dimension screens of the highest quality. We use the materials of the leading European manufacturers of metallurgic products for power engineering industry.

We perform the screens under the requirements WUDT/UC/2003 and PN-eN 12952. Each produced component is subject to strict quality control as well as tests and commissioning certifying its correct performance. The produced components have all necessary authentications, attestations and certificates, allowing for their installation.

The possibility of fast machine refitting enables us to perform custom-made designs, consisting of pipe screens with different diameters. We also perform damage repairs in the express mode in competitive prices. We treat each design individually and perform it with consideration of the Client’s detailed guidelines.


Butt tube welding with the use of orbital machine. Preparation of tube ends prior to welding and use of automatic orbital head guarantees full joint penetration and repeatability of performed welds. Technology allows for welding with both own joint penetration and with wire. This property allows for welding tubes of any grade. The oscillating heads allow for highly-efficient and quality welding of thick-walled tubes.


Automatic tube expanding is the best solution for expanding tubes in tube-sheets. It ensures permanent and repeatable power, guaranteeing the air-proofness of the tube-sheet with pipes.


Welding tube-sheets with tubes with the use of automatic orbital head ensures air-tight and repeatable high weld quality.